John Wood was born about 10 years too late in 1976. Apart from starting to play the guitar at the age of 15, nothing much happened until 1993 when he attended his first local gig, INNARDS and KONKRETE GERBIL at Kingsnorth Village Hall. Since then he has been an active member of the Ashford / Folkestone music scene, playing in several bands beginning with the letter 'E' -- ELEMENTAL, ESCHATOLOGY, EARSHOT, even doing bits and bobs for EINSTEIFEN (although, admittedly, who hasn't?).

His latest band BALBULUS does not begin with the letter 'E', but is jolly good nonetheless (www.myspace.com/balbulus). (edit: Doh! We've just split up. Must have been 'cos we didn't start with an 'E'!)

During the late 90s he organised and promoted gigs in Ashford, notably at the County Hotel before those bastards JD Wetherspoon took it over and spoiled it.

He currently lives a hermit-like existence in Dymchurch on Romney Marsh.