- THE COMMITED - Origin: Isle of Sheppey, Kent
Style: Punk
Formed: 1978 Split: 1985?
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Members over the years were:

Darren Champ (Daz or Dal Mation) (Vocals)
Ron Millichamp (Vocals)
Mark Currie (Spunky) (Vocals)
Andy Stearns (Ondy) (Guitar + Bass)
Alan Dann (Guitar)
Martin Vaughan (Big F) (Guitar)
Tony Marshall (Tone) (Guitar)
Tracey Marshall (Trace) (Bass)
Gordon Norris (Noz) (Bass)
Paul Van Dyke (Spike) (Bass)
Dave Marshall (Digger) (Drums)

Alan also played in NAKED.

Other members had also played in THE ABANDONED.

Ron, Martin and Dave later formed ALL FLAGS BURN www.myspace.com/allflagsburn.

For more information, see THE COMMITED's website (HERE).