Please feel free to contact KENT BAND ARCHIVE with any additional information or comments.

If you wish to suggest a band for inclusion to the archive, it will stand a better chance of being added if the info is easily laid out
(i.e no long biographies please!).

Details I'm after are:

- Musical style (be realistic rather than inventive. e.g. "Death Metal" rather than "Granny-Shredding Hell-Noise")
- Location
- Dates formed and split
- Line-ups (including surnames + instruments)
- Details of previous and later bands
- Details of recordings (tracklist, studio, dates, engineer. Artwork if possible)
- Details of gigs (date, venue, other acts on bill in descending order)
- Logo?
- Photo?


johnwood666 AT gmail DOT com
(obviously replacing DOT and AT with the appropriate symbols...)

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