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Welcome to the KENT BAND ARCHIVE. This site is dedicated to Kent's diverse musical history, detailing some of the bands (Alternative, Metal, Punk, Indie, Prog, Psych, Folk) that made life interesting, up until the turn of the Millennium. Most bands after this time have some sort of website of their own. It is NOT a list of current or active bands, nor is it a list of every band that ever existed!
If you have any further info on any of the bands featured on this site, if you want to report an error, or if you know of a band that deserves to be featured here, please feel free to contact KENT BAND ARCHIVE at the link below.

Info is especially wanted for the following bands:

DEMISE -- Death Metal (Dartford?)
THE ELEMENTS -- Psychedelia (Folkestone)
THE FLOW -- Didgeridoo recording project (Folkestone?)
GNARLY PIG HAIR -- Alternative (Thanet)
MAXIMUM AURAL PENETRATION (M.A.P.) -- Death Metal/Punk (Ashford)
MIND RIVER -- Alternative (Ashford)
MUTILATE -- Thrash / Punk (Deal)
SOCIAL MISFITS -- Punk (Ashford)
STEWED -- Garage Punk (Folkestone)
SUMMER LOVE SENSATION -- CROW related band (Whitstable)
THE TREES -- Psychedelia (Folkestone)
VEINS OF DEATH -- Punk (Dover)

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Other Links

A BAND CALLED SUN    Psychedelic Dub / Funk / Blues (Whitstable)
ANTHRAX    Anarcho Punk / Hardcore (Gravesend)
AREA 51    Pop-Punk / Hard Rock (Ashford)
THE ARNOLD    Punk (Ramsgate)
ATAVISTIC    Crustcore / Grindcore / Thrash (Whitstable)
ATLANTIS RISING    Prog Rock (Folkestone)
BASIC LOVE    Psychedelic Post-Punk (Whitstable)
BASTARDS OF DESTRUCTION    Hardcore / Industrial Metal (Herne Bay)
THE BEEKEEPERS    Punk (Whitstable)
BEYOND FEAR    Death Metal (Orpington)
BIND    Thrash Metal (Ashford)
BREAKNECK    Hardcore / Nu-Metal / Noisecore (Folkestone)
CARDINAL FINK    Indie/Punk (Medway)
CATHARSIS    Death Metal (Bromley)
CHAOS THEORY    Metal / Hardcore (Medway)
CHOKE    Alt-Rock (Thanet)
CHROMOSOME    Progressive Hardcore / Electronic Rock (Whitstable)
CITIZEN X    Metal (Folkestone)
THE COMMITED    Punk (Isle Of Sheppey)
CREATURE TEACHER    Thrash Metal (Ashford)
CRIES OF AGONY    Punk / Metal ? (Whitstable)
CROW    Tribal Crust-Punk / Prog Rock (Whitstable)
THE DALE COOPERS    Indie / Rock / Pop (Ashford)
DEAD LIFE PORTRAIT    Hardcore / Nu-Metal / Noisecore (Folkestone)
DEATH SCREAM TORTURE MACHINE    Death / Thrash / Skate Metal (Ashford)
DECEITFUL BOW    Alternative (Thanet)
DEFIANT    Heavy Metal (Herne Bay)
DOG UGLY    Punk (Folkestone)
DOOR MARKED SUMMER    Post-Punk / Alternative (Whitstable)
DOWNTRODDEN    Thrash Metal / Hardcore (Herne Bay)
DRIBBLEBUS    Punk / Indie (Ashford)
EARSHOT    Hardcore / Nu-Metal (Ashford)
EINSTEIFEN    Goth / Punk / Metal (Folkestone)
ELECTRIC SEX CIRCUS    Punk / Alternative (Bexley / Bexleyheath)
ELEMENTAL    Heavy Psychedelic Rock (Ashford)
EPIDEMIC    Punk (Whitstable)
ESCHATOLOGY    Thrash Metal (Ashford)
EZRA    Hardcore / Noisecore (Maidstone)
F.A.S.T.    Thrash / Punk (Dover)
FIGHTBACK    Anarcho-Punk (Dover)
FLATLINE    Alternative / Indie (Dover?)
FLIPSIDE    Hardcore / Nu-Metal (Ashford)
F.U.T.A.    Punk / Metal covers (Ashford)
THE GUILLAUME SEAM    Hardcore / Noisecore (Maidstone)
HEADUNIT    Nu-Metal / Hardcore (Ashford)
THE IGNERENTS    Punk (Whitstable)
THE INFESTED    Punk (Canterbury)
INNARDS    Death Metal / Doom (Ashford)
INSANE    Thrash Metal (Herne Bay)
JACOB'S LADDER    Contemporary Folk / Roots (Canterbury / Faversham)
JESUS FIX    Gothic Metal / Crust Punk (Whitstable / Margate)
JOEYFAT    Post-Hardcore / Alternative (Tunbridge Wells)
LEVER    Melodic Hardcore (Maidstone)
LOUNGE FLY    Nu-Metal (Whitstable / Faversham)
MENTAL BLOCKAGE    Punk (Whitstable)
MIND OCTOPUS    Psychedelic Funk / Rock (Ashford)
NAKED    Punk (Sheerness)
NANCY'S PLACE    Experimental / Post Punk / Industrial / Noise (Romney Marsh)
NARGOTHROND    Black Metal (Broadstairs)
NIL BY MOUTH    Punk (Folkestone)
NINE    Progressive Hardcore (Whitstable)
NORMIL HAWAIIANS    Experimental Post Punk (Orpington)
OBLITERATION    Thrash Metal (Margate)
ONE    Psychedelic Funk / Rock (Ashford / Canterbury)
ORIGINAL FLING    Folk Rock (Sandwich)
PHAT NUMBHA    Reggae / Dub (Ashford)
PHUC-TUP    Punk (Dover)
PLAYGROUND    Post Punk / Industrial (Herne Bay)
PORNOCOP    Punk (Folkestone)
PREVAIL    Nu-Metal / Hardcore (Ashford)
R.A.C.E.    Thrash Metal / Punk (Ashford)
THE REAL MEN    Alt-Rock (Thanet)
THE RECORD PLAYERS    Indie / Punk / Psychedelia (Margate)
RETRIBUTION    Thrash Metal (Ashford)
THE RIVALS    Punk (Ramsgate)
SCANXION    Progressive Thrash / Hardcore / Alternative (Romford, Essex)
SCREAMS FROM WITHIN    Technical Death Metal (Ashford)
SCREWWERM    Thrash / Death Metal (Maidstone)
SEVENTYTHREE    Alternative / Indie (Thanet)
THE SHAPES    Indie (Ashford)
SLUGBAIT    Power Electronics / Industrial / Noise (Herne Bay)
S.O.R.B.    Anarcho-Punk / Thrash (Thanet)
SPLINTERED    Post-Punk / Industrial / Noise (Herne Bay)
SUCTION    Post-Hardcore (Tunbridge Wells)
SUN    Psychedelic Dub / Funk / Blues (Whitstable)
SWIFT    Anarcho-Punk / Thrash (Ashford)
TERMINUS    Death Metal / Cyber Metal (Maidstone)
TIPA GORE    Funky Hardcore / Nu-Metal (Tunbridge Wells)
TOMAHAWK    Tribal Heavy Metal (Folkestone)
TORQUE    Melodic Hardcore (Maidstone)
ULCER    Death Metal (Margate)
UNCOOL FRANK    Thrash / Punk / Rock (Folkestone)
UNFOUNDED    Thrash Metal / Hardcore (Tunbridge Wells)
UNHOME    Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore (Tunbridge Wells)
WASTELAND    Punk (Canterbury)
X-CRETAS    Anarcho Punk (Gillingham)
ZENITH    Rock / Prog Rock (Folkestone)