- JOEYFAT - Origin: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Style: Post-Hardcore / Alternative
Formed: 1991 Split: 1996,
Reformed 2000
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Core members:

Jason Dormon (Bass, now Guitar)
James Booth (Drums)
M. Edward Cole (Vocals + Guitar (earlier))

Other members until 1996:

Peter Hoare (Guitar)
Aidan Taylor (Guitar)
Dave Gamage (Guitar)

Other members 2000 onwards:

Patrick Lloyd (Guitar)
Jon Richards (Guitar)
Lawrence Price (Bass)
unjohn (Performance Art)
Luke Pritchard (Guitar, now Baritone Guitar)
Thomas House (Guitar)
Allen Wootton (Guitar)
Mark Roe (Bass)
Luke Woodgate (Drums)

There aren't many bands who can claim to have effectively formed an entire local scene in the same way that JOEYFAT can. Perhaps the most important band to have come out of Kent in the 1990s, they quickly became favourites of the underground Alternative/Hardcore scene, and were regularly played by John Peel. Not content with helping to start up and run the now legendary Tunbridge Wells Forum, in 1996 they established unlabel, which soon became one of the best respected independant labels out there.

Musically, JOEYFAT are in a league of their own. Two words that often crop up in relation to Alternative music, and Post-Hardcore in particular, are "angular" and "off-beat", but both words are unavoidable in this instance. Jazzy syncopations and intricate guitar-work provide the backdrop to vocalist M. Edward Cole's singular spoken-word delivery of bizarre, surreal situations and stories, an oblique juxtaposition of FUGAZI, SLINT and THE FALL, with hints of PULP's less glossy side.

In 2000, the band reformed to promote the relase of a CD compilation of past material, and have remained active ever since. They played a 10 minute set live on the John Peel show on 23rd July 2003, as part of the "10 Minute Men" series.

For more information, see their MySpace page.

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