- MIND OCTOPUS - Origin: Ashford, Kent
Style: Psychedelic Funk/Rock
Formed: 1991 Split: 1998
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Paul Herwin (Guitar + Vocals)
Sheldon Lunn (Guitar)
Ben Surman (Saxophone + Keyboards)
Mark Herwin (Bass)
Bruce Allen (Drums)

Other members over the years were:

Scott Parks (Drums)
Stuart Busby (Vocals)
Jamie Morrison (Drums)
John Pierce (Bass)

Paul Herwin was the only member to feature in every line-up.

Paul, Ben, Sheldon and Bruce were also part of Reggae outfit PHAT NUMBHA.
Influenced by JIMI HENDRIX, THE WHO, OZRIC TENTACLES and FUNKADELIC among others, MIND OCTOPUS were major players on Ashford's local music scene, regularly organizing gigs, and generally giving support to local bands and musicians. Over the years, their sound progressed from hazy garage Psychedelia to solid Prog/Funk (I seem to remember one monster track being in 13/8 time).

Reggae side-project PHAT NUMBHA became their main band for a while, as MIND OCTOPUS took a back-burner on several occasions.