- NORMIL HAWAIIANS - Origin: Orpington, Kent / South London
Style: Experimental Post Punk / Alternative
Formed: 1979 Split: 1986
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Guy Smith (Guitar + Vocals)

The band / collective had an ever-changing line-up, with 2 distinct periods:

Members and contributors between 1979-1981:

Jim Lusted (Guitar + Vocals)
Janet Armstrong (Vocals)
Kev Armstrong (Guitar)
Colin Donaldson (Bass)
Chris Westerman (Drums)
Nick Rose (Bass)
Sue Leeves (Backing Vocals)
Sarah Harley (Backing Vocals)
The Famous Delfonso (Sax)
Roger Smith (Violin)
Brian Kealy (Drums)
Stephen Berlin (Bertie) (Vocals)

Members and contributors between 1981-1986:

Simon Marchant (Guitar)
Cliff McLenehan (Bass)
Noel Blanden (Drums)
Mark Tyler (String Synth)
Dave Anderson (Bass)
Alun 'Wilf' Williams (Bass)

Chris Westerman also played in THE HEARTBEATS.
Simon Marchant and Cliff McLeneham had both played in GREENFIELD LEISURE.
Noel Blanden had previously played in A CIRCLE CHARMED.
Dave Anderson had previously played in AMON DÜÜL and HAWKWIND.

Simon Marchant later played in Folk / Roots outfit JACOB'S LADDER.
Originally forming in the chaos that ensued following Punk's burn-out, NORMIL HAWAIIANS were an ever-changing collective based around guitarist / vocalist Guy Smith. A self-produced demo resulted in a session for John Peel and a 7" single deal. The Peel session was broadcast 3 times over a period of 6 months (Thurs 19/06/80, Mon 07/07/80, and Thurs 02/10/80, according to my Peel Sessions book), whilst the single ('The Beat Goes On') reached #44 in the independent chart in Nov 1980.

A fresh line-up in 1981 resulted in two LPs released on Illuminated Records that were well-received in the underground scene, despite minimal releases in the UK (most copies were released in Europe due to the record company not paying bills...). Appearances at festivals (including Stonehenge) and a short tour of Switzerland occured around this time, following which the band split in 1986.

Musically, the earlier recordings mix Post-Punk with an anarchic Funk edge, a sound that contains hints of A CERTAIN RATIO, JOY DIVISION and early KILLING JOKE. Later works lose the Funk, and become ever more experimental and Psychedelic, with exploratory improvisations and strange recordings

For more info, see hawaiians.alunw.com.