- PHAT NUMBHA - Origin: Ashford, Kent
Style: Reggae / Dub
Formed: Summer 1995 Split: 1997
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Paul Herwin (Guitar + Vocals)
Sheldon Lunn (Guitar)
Ben Surman (Alto Saxophone + Vocals)
John Hone (Trumpet)
Matt Harris (Bass + Keyboards)
Andy (Bass + Keyboards)
Bruce Allen (Drums + Percussion)
Jez Allen (Drums + Percussion)

Neil Burton (Guitar) later replaced Sheldon.

Paul, Sheldon, Ben, and Bruce also played in Psychedelic Rock band MIND OCTOPUS.
PHAT NUMBHA started off as a Reggae / Dub side-project formed by members of MIND OCTOPUS, playing a mixture of original songs and covers. This became their main band for a while, when MIND OCTOPUS took a back-burner on several occasions.