- UNHOME - Origin: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Style: Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore
Formed: Autumn 1996 Split: 1999
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Alexander Tucker (Vocals)
Jon Richards (Guitar)
Philip Avey (Guitar)
Jason Dormon (Bass)
James Booth (Drums)

Alex Hancock (Vocals)
was in the original line-up, but left in 1997.

Formed from the ashes of several bands in the Tunbridge Wells scene, UNHOME played experimental Post-Rock in the vein of SLINT and TORTOISE. Subtly intricate and syncopated drumming underpins angular and abstract guitar lines that move from drifting textural ambience to near-Hardcore intensity. Offbeat lyrics and vocal stylings add to the air of post-modern abstraction.

UNHOME were, like JOEYFAT before them, extremely prominent members of the Tunbridge Wells scene, actively involved in the running of the Tunbridge Wells Forum (the alternative venue at the centre of this vibrant local scene), and the related unlabel record label.

The track 'Par Avion' (released on unlabel compilation "Two") received airplay on John Peel's Radio 1 show.

In 2002 they paid homage to their influences by releasing a split single with PAPA M, featuring ex-SLINT and TORTOISE man Dave Pajo.

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